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Since 1960, we have been working alongside companies like yours with the largest selection of certification brands and price.

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Industrial Supplies Since 1960

Originally consisting of a motorcycle parts production division and a commercial division, our company has evolved over the years to better meet the demands of the market and the needs of our customers.

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Main product categories:

Rolling Bearings

Rolling bearings are the basis of almost all machines and industrial plants, according to the specific needs of each application.

The range of bearings handled by our company is extremely wide and complete, to offer the vastest choice in terms of brand, origins and price.

Pillow Blocks

Pillow Blocks are details in cast iron or steel that incorporate a bearing with a capacity of orientation in its base, to compensate for small misalignments.

Our ranges of pillow blocks are designed to meet the most varied needs.

Transmission Belts

The belts make it possible to carry out relatively inexpensive, silent and efficient transmissions, for high power and wheelbases, but also for high precision and regular applications, with minimum maintenance requirements.

They are made of rubber or polyurethane, both with trapezoidal and synchronous sections.


transmission chains (produced in compliance with  ISO and ASA standards)
transport chains (with flat mesh, double pitch and wings)
lifting chains (Fleyer chains)
chains for agricultural machinery
stainless steel chains
chains for extremely heavy applications
drawing chains


We have a complete range of:

cast iron pulley grooves
aluminium pulley grooves
cogged pulleys
Both unfinished and finished to design or with a taper lock bushing

Gears and Racks

We have a complete range of

chain pinions and crowns
module gears
Both unfinished and finished to design or with a taper lock bushing, with the possibility of induction hardening of the cogs.

Handled Trademarks:

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